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Finding your real estate passion, is one of life’s greatest adventures.

We think there is joy to be found in the process of moving from one chapter in your life, to the next. That joy lies in the celebration of your property journey and the experience you receive along the way. Every home has a story; our job is to help you write yours. The Jo Jones Property Specialist way is built on processes and strategies that we have developed and fine-tuned to suit our area. We’ve learnt from local experiences and use this knowledge to empower you to make the right choices when buying, selling or renting property in our area.

At Jo Jones Property Specialists, Jo’s team understand that a “one-size-fits-all” approach doesn’t work for our area in real estate, which is why we will individually create property campaigns to empower you with the best solutions for marketing your home whether it be for sale or rent.

Jo Jones

Principal | Licensed Agent | Sales – Stock & Station Agent

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Debbie Short

Business Manager | Licensed Sales Agent

0412 331 130

Lilly Poll

Real Estate Associate | Licensed Sales Agent

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“We believe our area is truly the greatest place on earth, and can’t wait to help you find your happy place”

Our passion for property is your advantage. Buying or renting a home can be one of the most challenging and emotionally charged experiences of your life, especially for a home that triggers a real emotional connection. We understand that having a home is one of the most important human needs. Home is a place you can see, experience, feel and call your own. That is what we love about property.

My team know first hand that dealing with our agency is more than transacting property, it’s about being present with the client and ensuring the process is as painless and joyful as possible.